These build­ings looked like spaceships. Not the stylish ones from several sci-fi movies, more like the rough version as in Battleship Galactica.

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Dancing to throbbing techno beats amidst a throng of other sweaty ravers in post-industrial spaces is a Berlin ritual. Those days of hedonistic clubbing could, however, be numbered.


The ruling on circumcision has provoked annoyance internationally. more//

We have to be sure that a common fiscal policy would be irreversible and well coordinated.


Schon bald wurden wir demütig angesichts der Komplexität dieses Themas.“


They are robber barons, driven by lawyers who ask what can we get and then grab it. But if I know Berlin, it will go back to an era like the 1990s when we had a lot of illegal clubs and where the GEMA agent will have to hunt for the door to get into the cellar to find out what music is playing.


Berlin Partner, the city's inward investment agency headed by Melanie Bähr which “encourages investors to choose Berlin as the best place to start a business” markets the capital as an emerging fashion centre through its involvement. more//

While Hollande’s and Merkel’s predecessors were confronted with as many as 14 million German refugees, scores of cities flattened by bombs and the menace of the Soviets, the current generation of leaders oversees the second-richest region in the world after North America. Their failure to take the necessary measures to guarantee the euro’s survival is in stark contrast to Europe’s postwar period.


Though only 2.4 percent of about 6,000 complaints brought before the court each year are upheld, europhiles and eurosceptics alike are looking to the court to draw the lines to defend German sovereignty and self-interest as the euro zone debt crisis demands more concessions from the region's paymaster and biggest economy.


Madonna performed "Like a Virgin" for possibly the billionth time in her career. But this stripped-down version found the pop icon turning her indelible smash into a ballad with just a piano and violin as accompaniment.


By day, revellers can sun themselves on a vast terrace looking over the river that is lit up in warm and flashy colors from the graffiti-covered lamps as dusk settles. Or they can sweat off the alcohol from the night before in a sauna in a converted car, and get a massage. more//

Escada Sport opened the season with a breezy Spring 2013 collection of light knits and embroidered pieces that mixed a hot summer Cancun getaway with Berlin cool. At the end of the show, it was a lamb leather T-shirt worn with matching pants that had showgoers buzzing.


A series of apartment blocks is, in effect, being transformed into a small village for Roma families. Rather than scatter them discreetly in a series of small projects, they are being housed in one large complex in the suburb of Neukoelln. The project manager is Benjamin Marx, a dapper man in his late fifties who exudes both kindness and authority.


“No, forget it. That’s it for me. I’m done with music. That part of my life is over.” In the months following that conversation, I watched her sink into a deep, lethargic depression. I resolved to help her in the only way I knew how. It was time to start a band.


Der größte Bedarf an zusätzlichen Kita-Plätzen besteht künftig in den östlichen Bezirken Treptow-Köpenick, Lichtenberg und Marzahn- Hellersdorf.


By the end of the design process, a dress can be transformed into a veritable United Nations of fashion. The evening gown, for instance, contains materials from six countries, including Japanese hanger loops, Swiss zippers, and German interlining, Mr. Jeenicke said. more//

what’s your excuse?


A German court's ban on circumcising baby boys has provoked a rare show of unity between Jews, Muslims and Christians.


It has raised fears among the Jewish community that members could be prosecuted if they circumcise their sons.


That will increase to five weekly flights on May 1.


The installation is a living experiment in montage.


It’s a scandal to have hot dog stands and people in fake uniforms.


I’m still trying to figure out if it was an act of protest or an act of publicity.


The secret is sound.


There's a lot of creative people, and if you give creative people green fields, they build amazing things.


“Decay,” he said, “leaves gaps that allow for life to spread” and for people to self-build the urban fabric in accordance with their own dreams. Berlin ist hässlich—und das ist gut so! Can redevelopment and renewal happen when necessary without “cleaning up”?


Today we have an important opportunity to have an open and constructive discussion to address the many concerns of climate change. more//

Currywurst is a pork sausage served in curry ketchup that needs to be experienced firsthand to be understood. more//

This is a reflection of the city but also the mentors in Berlin who have a lot of experience to offer in those areas. more//

For those that believe in the usefulness of firewalls, which would not include me, you are now staring at bricks to build dollhouses and it is not just the flank but the center that is fully exposed and vulnerable. more//

Registration requests for .BERLIN domain names now accepted! Don’t miss your opportunity to register a great .BERLIN domain name. more//

Concrete slabs eventually grew, along with 302 guard towers, floodlights, and machine guns. more//

"Heinrich", a life-sized marionette by Various & Gould Installed at Goerlitzer Bahnhof in Berlin-Kreuzberg on July 10, 2012. "Before we were even done installing people showed up and started to play intuitively with it by pulling the strings," they told us as they described their surprise at what would become a six day experience. more//

He's watched many friends get sick and die from AIDS while he's remained healthy. more//

Berlin is already close to 63 million euros in the red.  more//

Our legal system has to take into account what is standard practice across the world. more//

As the debt came with an annual 6 percent interest rate Berlin would owe Mittenwalde 11,200 guilders today — equivalent to about €112 million ($137 million). more//

The aim each year is to explore the cuisine and lifestyle of the country we visit. more//

Apparently, Mittenwalde wishes we hadn't brought you that news. more//

I don’t know where you were last night, but since I was in Berlin I went to Jens Lekman’s secret show because he’s the reason my heart breaks, wallows in the self-awareness of its broken state, and then mends itself again. more//

Walls don’t work,” James Stavridis declared at TEDGlobal 2012. more//

They are allegedly keen to avoid his trip being unfavourably compared to Obama's wildly successful 2008 European tour, during which he gave a rousing speech in front of Berlin's Victory Column to more than 200,000 people. more//

I visited all types of schools in Berlin and spoke with students, families and teachers about how they perceived access to education in Germany, particularly in the context of social mobility. more//

The S-Bahn network, currently operated by Deutsche Bahn, will be operated on three different contracts from 2017, bids from which are now being invited from companies across Europe. more//

Brown's body no longer harbors HIV, whereas once he had a full-blown infection. more//

If you think spending time boozing and schmoozing is a distraction from experiencing what a city is all about, then you don't know Berlin. Its beers are the stuff of legend. It's the capital of techno and insane warehouse clubs.


The Berlin Patient, the only person considered cured of HIV, may soon have some company. more//

"When we got there, there were 40-foot Nazi flags everywhere, everyone seemed to be in uniform. It was all very militaristic," she said. more//

The tongue-in-cheek event took place last Saturday, and drew a crowd of over 6,000 hipsters to a club in east Berlin, for a series of nine ironic sporting events. This year’s winners were the members of team Jam FM, a group of broadcasters from a local radio station. Apparently, they managed to be more ironic than the other hipsters. more//

A new online archive offers a glimpse of the People’s Olympiad, an unrealized alternative to the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi-ruled Berlin. more//

Another tool in the Germans' technological box is computer software that solves the problem of experienced sailors leaving the team without passing on knowledge to younger generations in any way except via word of mouth. Known as the Sail Better Trim and Venue Database, the programme aggregates data in a central location, helping the team remember advice from veteran sailors, collects performance analyses of practice runs and even detailed information on specific courses. more//